• Support a unique museum experience
  • Preserves history
  • Extensive research library
  • Safely stores thousands of historic bottles
  • Maintains Visitor Center for Community
  • Artists Gallery for local artists

The NATIONAL BOTTLE MUSEUM is a non-profit (501 C-3) educational institution chartered by the Board of Regents of the New York State Department of Education. The museum is not subsidized, but raises all of its own funds and is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Trustees, operating under universally accepted museum policies.

Members receive:

  • A quarterly newsletter containing information on the history of antique bottle manufacturing, identification, and collecting.
  • A calendar of Bottle Shows and related activities throughout the United States is included in each newsletter.
  • Each spring, the Museum sponsors a Bottle Show & Sale known as “The Saratoga Show” which attracts enthusiasts from coast to coast in the United States and several provinces of Canada.
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